Chain Wear Gauge

The FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge is a user-friendly chain wear measuring tool for measuring chain elongation (chain wear) in imperial pitch leaf chain, forklift chain and roller chain. The FB chain gauge is widely used in the Thorough Examination of lifting equipment according to the LOLER and PUWER regulations. The FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge allows service technicians to spot potential chain failure long before the next service.

In contrast to ‘worn or not worn’ chain wear gauges, the FB chain wear gauge is a highly accurate device that shows you exactly ‘how worn’ a chain is by showing the chain elongation in increments of ¼ (0.25) percent. The scale ranges from 0 to 4% worn with a red warning box appearing at 2%.

The patented design, incorporating a precise indication of percentage elongation, on an easy to read scale, covers all leaf and roller chains up to 3″ pitch.

Precision manufactured and accurately toleranced elongation is measured to within one quarter of one percent. Calibration, referenced back to National Calibration Standards can be verified on the gauge itself utilizing the calibration window

The FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge makes it quick and easy to decide whether a chain could become dangerously worn before the next service and prevents equipment from being operated hazardously. Issuing the FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge to all your engineers also establishes a level of consistency across the whole service team.