Our Services

FB Ketju supports you as a competent and reliable partner in the development of individual product and service solutions. We offer our customers a comprehensive solution – not just a product. Our focus on technology and centralized manufacturing means we develop chains that meet specific customer needs.

By working with FB Ketju, you will benefit from our wealth of experience to continuously optimize your products with us and secure your competitive advantages long-term.

Research and Development

Product development has held a central position in the company’s operations right from the outset. Developments have taken place in collaboration with the chains’ users, suppliers of raw materials and various research institutes. By investigating many raw materials and trying out various alternatives, we constantly strive to achieve more operationally reliable products.

In regards to manufacturing methods and automation, the factory has developed into one of the most modern in Europe in our sector. Targeted investment activities guarantee that the technological standard we have achieved is maintained and further developed.

On-site Measurements

More and more often, our customers request total care service for their conveyor chain systems. On-site measurements are part of our total care services, but if requested, we can inspect and check the condition of your chains and sprockets with respect to their functional capability and remaining service life case-by-case. 

Wear and Tear Analyses

We can evaluate and test the condition of your chains and sprockets in terms of their future performance and service life upon request. 

Chain Assemblies and installation tools

Together with our reliable and trustworthy partners, we are able to install chains and sprockets on your equipment.

We can provide you all the necessary installation tools like chain tensioners and press mount assembly tools.


The FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge is a user-friendly chain wear measuring tool for measuring chain elongation (chain wear) in imperial pitch leaf chains, forklift chains, and roller chains.

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