A full range of conveyor chain sprockets

We supply a full range of conveyor chain sprockets and roller chain sprockets. Our sprockets are cut with flame cut and finished to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

Larger sprockets suitable for the many varied types of metric and imperial conveyor chain are available on short lead times. Whether large or small, all our sprockets are profile-cut on the latest laser cutting equipment prior to final machining and finishing to ensure the highest possible quality and consistency. 

Roller chain sprockets and platewheels

We are able to provide standard sprockets and platewheels for all simplex, duplex and triplex roller chains. These sprockets and platewheels are supplied by our sister companies with the standard pilot bore. However, FB engineering are able to produce custom sprockets and platewheels according to specific requirements. Products may be rebored, keywayed, drilled or tapped for set screws. Plain bearings, precision roller bearings and needle bearings are routinely fitted according to application.