Quality, ANSI Standard Roller Chains

As a leading roller chain brand, FB stands for quality, reliability and specification and has a long established and enviable reputation.

Superior quality

FB roller chains have been produced from high quality materials (both plastics and steels)  using the latest manufacturing procedures. These factors combine to produce a superior quality roller chain that offers high tensile strength, 30% less elongation due to wear and a 40% longer service life in comparison with standard roller chain.

During the manufacturing process, rollers and link plates are fortified against fatigue by shot peening and link plate holes are double punched to improve component fit and increase fatigue strength. All FB roller chains are also continuously pre-loaded following final assembly to ensure the correct seating of the components and to reduce initial chain elongation.

Extensive range

FB Group can supply the full range of BS and ANSI standard roller chains from stock in standard or cut lengths as well as sprockets and other associated machined products. FB Group even supplies a 1/8″ pitch chain, the world’s smallest transmission chain, for the medical and micro-engineering industries. 

Adapted for you

If our warehouse is not able to immediately cater to your needs, our in-house engineering design team certainly will. We can provide roller chains fitted with attachments on short lead times as well as chains adapted to any design. Roller chain sprockets and machined products can also be made to order.

Please contact our sister companies for technical support.