Quality Leaf Chains

FB Chain in the UK have specialized in superior quality leaf chain for the materials handling industry. From our advanced production facility and warehouse in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, we supply an extensive range of leaf chains, anchor bolts (clevises), pins and pulleys (sheaves) as replacements for the aftermarket or to major OEMs, often as part of leaf chain assembly kits.

Specification and expert advice

After decades of experience working with leaf chains, our technical advisers are well placed to supply customers with the ideal solution for their individual needs. We are able to recommend the right strength and quality of product as well as various heat treatments, coatings and lubricants according to application. We even offer an in-house design service for integrated lifting systems.

Superior quality leaf chains

Our leaf chains and machined parts are produced from specialist steels using the latest technology and manufacturing processes. The steels used have been specially selected for their ability to withstand shock loads and maintain their strength and wear-resistant properties even after heat treatment. As a result FB leaf chains offer high fatigue strength, minimum elongation due to wear and a long service life. FB is one of, if not the most trusted brand of leaf chain on the market.

Safety first

Our enviable reputation is not only due to the quality of our products but also to their consistency and traceability. All of our chains and machined parts are fully traceable due to the unique batch numbers on the products themselves. Each leaf chain despatched is issued with a chain test certificate, detailing the batch number, order number, minimum breaking load and proof load applied. This system ensures greater compliance to manufacturing standards and provides customers with the peace of mind that these safety critical parts demand.

Please speak to one of FB Group specialist advisers to discuss your leaf chain requirements.

Leaf chain anchor bolts and pulleys

FB Group can supply leaf chain anchor bolts (leaf chain clevises) and leaf chain pulleys (leaf chain sheaves) individually and in bespoke OEM chain assembly kits and package solutions. An in-house design service as well as specific heat treatments and integral bushings or bearings can be provided according to specification.

All FB leaf chain anchors and pulleys are completely compatible and safety critical. Our advanced manufacturing facility offers high quality standard or special chain anchors, pulleys and pins from stock or on short lead times.
We achieve this unparalleled quality and efficiency by using the very latest technology in CNC turning and machining centres, special purpose automation and palletising and innovative fixturing and process engineering.

Our computer-aided design, material specification and application engineering capability and dedicated manufacturing facility allow us to maintain our position as industry leader in the specialist field of safety critical leaf chain anchors and pulleys.

Our extensive experience of design criteria and application environments allows us to provide our customers with a premium service which can range from offering simple advice and supply to designing and manufacturing entire systems.