Conveyor Chains

With over 150 years of experience in the industry, FB is Europe’s leading conveyor chain manufacturer and supplier. We offer a wide range of manufacture standard, customized and special conveyor chains.

Our chains are the result of ongoing R&D, pushing the edge for use in the most demanding applications. Lightweight, long-lasting and strong chains for heavy industry.

In addition to conveyor chains, we also offer sprockets, conveyor chain attachments and brackets as well as special chains.

Scandinavian Expertise and Modern Production Technology

Our conveyor chain production facility in Finland is the most advanced conveyor chain manufacturing unit in Europe. Our conveyor chains have been developed over many decades and are used by leading manufacturers in the wood and paper industries as well as experts from the steel industry, heat-treatment specialists and many technological faculties of major Scandinavian universities. 

Conveyor chain manufacturer and supplier FB has invested heavily in the latest advances in welding, turning and robotic assembly. Real time production status reporting on all major equipment provides excellent control and manufacturing flexibility advantages. 

We pride ourselves on our rigorous manufactuirng methods. For example, conveyor chain side plates are precision punched giving high accuracy and cylindrical form to the holes. This ensures a precise fit between the pin or bush and the side plate and results in consistent contact between the components over the whole thickness of the plate. The beneficial effects of precision punching are the ability to withstand higher shock loads and a significantly improved fatigue life.

High-grade Materials

Our conveyor chains are characterized by the high resistance to shock load and a much longer chain wear life. Product strength is derived from excellence of design, materials and construction. We always selects our materials from the highest quality steels to its own metallurgical specifications.

FB Ketju Stainless Steel Conveyor Chains are made from high grade materials (typically AISI304 or AISI316). These materials are especially suitable with anti-corrosion, clean or some chemicals strictly required conditions and high and low temperature conditions. FB Ketju Stainless Steel chain should be selected when resistance to chemical action is critical. 

Wide Range of Conveyor Chains

Standard Chains

FB conveyor chain manufacturing is focused on metric pitch conveyor chains that include International Standards DIN 8167/ISO 1977 M series, DIN 8165/ISO1977 FV series and SMS1968 S series. In addition we can offer different materials and manufacturing methods to suit the most demanding conveyor chain applications.

Customized and Special Chains

As a designer and manufacturer of special chains, FB Ketju meets the specific customer requirements and always seeks to propose the best individual solution. We shall gladly meet any customer requirements for design, dimensions, raw material, lubrication, heat and surface treatment of chains.

With the aid of modern laser-cutting technology and in-house production, we can create chains entirely according to your needs. If your application demands special functions, we can cost-effectively create a chain that entirely matches your specifications. We can also produce shorter series of special chains without expensive retooling costs.

We also offer drop forged link chains.