Addtech Technology Trading Group

• Turnover 11 SEKm
• Niklas Stenberg, President and CEO
• 130 subsidiaries
• 3,000 employees

Addtech comprises around 130 independent subsidiaries. That means decisions about the companies’ operations are taken close to the market. Addtech combines the flexibility, personality and efficiency of a small company with the resources, networks and long-term approach of a large business. 

Responsibility that provides freedom

Addtech has strong values and clear strategies that are based on a shared willingness to take responsibility and on respect for the individual. We believe that freedom with responsibility is the best way of running a multi-facetted business like ours. Our core values are simplicity, efficiency, change, responsibility and freedom, which permeate the day-to-day work of the organisation.

The link between manufacturers and the suppliers

Addtech offers high-tech products and solutions to industrial companies and customers in the infrastructure sector. By helping customers develop better end-products and cutting customers’ production costs, Addtech provides technological and financial added value.

Leader in technology trading that adds value

Addtech’s vision is to be the leading value-adding tech provider in Northern Europe. This means we aim to be perceived by our customers, suppliers and employees as the most skilled partner. Addtech’s financial objective is to create earnings growth combined with profitability.