About FB Ketju

FB Ketju is the part of the FB Group, owned by Swedish listed company Addtech AB, and is the leading manufacturer and supplier of conveyor chains in Scandinavia. 

There are currently six autonomous companies within the FB Group, strategically located throughout Europe. Some of these specialize in the manufacture of a particular product or group of products. Other companies distribute the group’s products within their local markets.

FB Group companies marked on a map of Europe

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Product Range

As each FB subsidiary focuses on a particular niche product, the group as a whole is able to offer customers highly specialized chains and parts for a wide range of industries and applications. Customers can order their required chain (including conveyor chains, roller chains, sawmill, sharp top chains or leaf chains) from their local FB branch.

The Conveyor Chain Specialist

From its advanced production facility in Lappi Rauma, Finland, FB Ketju manufactures conveyor chains, sprockets and attachments for a wide range of different industries, often according to clients’ individual requirements. FB Ketju is well-known for providing exceptional quality and service and aims to work closely with clients’ design, engineering, procurement and scheduling departments to provide solutions for all their conveyor chain needs.

FB Ketju has always invested heavily in quality and reliability. As a result of this determination, FB Ketju became the first chain manufacturer in Scandinavia to be granted an ISO9000 certification in 1993. This consistent high quality is an advantage for the customer, because a durable, reliable conveyor chain is a profitable investment.

FB Ketju uses high quality raw materials which can be recycled. Production machining chips and other waste steel is collected and recycled. The chains are lubricated with an environmentally friendly special conveyor chain lubricant. All packing is made entirely of recyclable materials. As an acknowledgement for the continuous work for environment, FB Ketju earned its ISO14001 certificate in 2002.


Our history dates all the way back to the 1870s when Adolf Fredrik Hedengran established a factory in central Eskilstuna, Sweden for the manufacture of iron and steel products. In 1908, the company was purchased by the newly formed Eskilstuna Fabriks AB. Working under this name, it manufactured conveyor chains for the first time in 1912. 

Manufacturing of conveyor chains first began in Finland under the name Ammus Oy. Subsequently, the company operated under a number of different owners with differing names. In 1979 production in Finland moved to a purpose-built factory in Köyliö, Finland. In 1985 the factory in Finland was purchased by the FB Group from Huhtamaki

FB continued manufacturing conveyor chain in both Sweden and Finland until the late 1990s, when production of all conveyor chains was eventually consolidated into the much improved and modernized factory in Köyliö, Finland.