Employee’s satisfaction is improving

The employee satisfaction of FB Ketju’s staff has improved significantly compared to the previous year, according to a employee satisfaction survey conducted by Addtech (owner of FB Ketjutekniikka) at the turn of the year. The survey is carried out annually and the results shows an improvement in overall satisfaction, including with the management of the company.

The questions covered employee engagement, team effectiveness, leadership, social environment and management performance. In all areas, responses improved compared to last year’s survey. Employees reported improvements in areas such as internal communication, management organisation and confidence in the future. There has also been an improvement in satisfaction with front-line staff, who are now perceived as being very supportive. The streamlining of the organisation has contributed to improving internal communication.

In line with the strategy set out a couple of years ago, we want to be an attractive employer and the latest results shows that our work is paying off. eNPS, or employer recommendation scores, increased significantly.

Of course, there is still room for improvement. The survey taught us that you can never give too much feedback to employees, for example.

Thank you to all our employees; we will continue to work together to improve employee satisfaction!

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