Raasepori Energia returned to the old and familiar supplier

Raaseporin Energia’s production plant in Tammisaari heats the properties in the city centre with the help of FB Chain conveyors.

Raasepori Energia provides heat and electricity to properties in the Tammisaari city centre area. The chain that transports the wood chips to the boiler must be robust and able to withstand heavy wear and tear. When another manufacturer’s conveyor chain broke several times in a short period of time, Raasepori Energia replaced it with a chain made by FB Ketju.

– We chose the FB’s chain because it is high quality, durable and easy to install in field conditions. This chain is used in the largest boiler in the plant. The original OEM chain was undersized by the boiler manufacturer and, due to its material, could not withstand the high operating stress,” says John Damen, Production Manager at Raasepori Energia.

A chain break always means an interruption in production, which causes economic damage.

– We needed a more durable and good quality chain, so we went back to an old, familiar manufacturer. We have been a customer of FB Ketjutekniikka Oy since 2010, occasionally using chains from other manufacturers.

We found a conveyor chain from FB Ketju in our warehouse, which we replaced with a chain that had only been in use for a few months. The last chain ordered from Lappi ended up in the warehouse as a spare chain.

– It probably won’t be needed for a while,” Damen laughs.

FB Ketju’s chain is used to transport wood chips from the boiler feed to the storage silo, which requires a strong and durable chain.

A stronger chain lasts

Conveyor chains in a production plant are subject to tough demands in heat and power generation.

– This chain uses a chip conveyor to transport chips to the boiler feed into the storage silo. A stronger chain is more resistant to wear and tear, which means we can ensure that production is not interrupted unexpectedly. The chain must be made of stainless steel to withstand wet and harsh conditions,” says Damen.

John Damen is pleased to be working with FB Ketju.

– Cooperation has always been good and customer service is easy to reach. It is important for us to be able to reach people quickly when there is a need.

Did you know that:

  • Raasepori Energia was founded in 1909.
  • The Tammisaari power plant produces 15 GWh of electricity and 85 GWh of heat per year.
  • Raaseporin Energia has its own electricity network in Tammisaari and three district heating networks in Raasepori.
  • The power plant has its own solar power plant next to it.
  • The transport chain is used for fuel transfer and ash removal.
  • District heat is mainly produced from biofuels, with a total production of about 160 GWh of heat per year.
  • Cooperation with FB Ketju started in 2010.
The chain was installed with local partners.

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