Working safety improved with energy-saving lighting

Working safety and well-being at work in FB Ketju production has been improved by the installation of new lighting throughout the production facilities. The new LED lights will also save tens of thousands of kilowatt hours of energy per year, supporting FB Ketju’s strategic approach to sustainable development.

The new lighting is “smart lighting”, which means that the lights are on where the work is being done and are either off or dimmed elsewhere. This increases safety at work by providing better lighting and better visibility of the work. Good lighting also helps you to see other workers better when moving around with forklifts. In brighter lighting, people’s physiological endurance is better, which has an impact on their ability to cope at work.

In addition to improving safety at work, the new LED lighting saves energy, as modern LEDs consume significantly less electricity than previous lighting systems. The consumption of the old lighting was around 90 000 kWh per year, while the estimated consumption of the new lighting is expected to be around 25 000 kWh per year.

The lighting was designed and installed by AD-Lux Oy from Kaarina, which manufactured the luminaires from high-quality components in its own factory. The new lighting was designed using 3D modelling to simulate the final result of the new lighting as accurately as possible. The installation phase of the project took about ten working days, when about 200 new LED luminaires were installed to replace about 350 luminaires.

Photo: AD-Lux

Did you know that:

  • Safety at work is improved because the premises are well lit.
  • The new lighting is “smart lighting”, which detects movement.
  • Around 200 luminaires were installed, compared to around 350 in the old system.
  • The estimated consumption of the new lighting is expected to be around 25 000 kWh per year, which is about a quarter of the previous consumption of 90 000 kWh.
  • The payback period for the investment is short, especially considering the current energy prices.
  • The expected lifetime of the new luminaires is more than 100 000 hours.
  • The luminaires are manufactured in the AD-Lux factory in Kaarina.

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