Our quality is your benefit

FB Ketju’s quality products are manufactured at the factory located in Lappi, Rauma, Finland using high-quality European raw materials. Our loyal and satisfied customers value quality, which can be seen in the customer satisfaction survey conducted in the spring of 2023.

Like our satisfied customers say, FB Ketju’s products are durable and high quality. Quality and durability are based on European raw materials and fully domestic labour.

FB Ketju

The chain’s quality assurance begins already at the sales stage. Expert sales personnel understand the needs of the customers and the final application of the product which allows us to offer the correct materials and manufacturing methods. This way the process is on the right track from the very beginning.

“I have always thought that doing business with FB Ketju is a pleasant experience. Continue the same way.”

Tried-and-tested manufacturing technology solutions, decades of experience and professional, committed and well-trained staff ensure the long lifespan of our products. These factors have a direct effect on the durability of our products. Customers gain clear benefits by choosing FB Ketju’s products.

Reliable partnership

FB Ketju’s goal is to always exceed the customer’s expectations, and according to the customer satisfaction survey, this goal has been achieved. Our staff takes concrete action on the customer’s potential problems quickly.

Our most loyal customers have purchased products manufactured by FB Ketju for decades. We listen to the customer and react to what they tell us. Every customer case is highly prioritised because the customer is the most important to us.

FB Ketju

Our goal is to solve issues and complaints to the best of our ability, and the customer is more likely to remember that. If an issue arises, we make sure that the customer is always aware of what is happening. This way the customer does not need to ask any questions and instead they can rely on us to take care of it.

“FB Ketju is still the best when it comes to quality, innovation and product range.”

Our customers value our sustainability efforts

Sustainability is an important part of our operations. We develop and strengthen sustainability and sustainable development constantly and take them into account in our decision making.

We use high-quality materials that can be recycled. The machining chips that are created during the production process and other waste steel is collected and recycled by returning them to steelworks as raw material. Chains are lubricated with an environmentally friendly special conveyor chain lubricant. All packaging materials are completely recyclable.

“Carry on same way and keep focus to find solutions to customers’ needs – not only selling of steel.”

FB Ketju

We constantly upgrade our machinery and overall energy consumption to more energy efficient options. The customer satisfaction survey also indicated that our customers value our sustainability efforts.

Thank you for all your feedback. Development continues as stated in our customer promise: