Our sales team is strengthened with a new salesperson

The FB Ketju sales team has been strengthened with Ida Vehanen as a technical salesperson. Initially, the work will focus on domestic sales, but in the future the sales work may also be export sales. Ida Vehanen will be responsible for both new customer acquisition and the management of old customer relationships.

In her job at FB Ketju, Vehanen says she learns something new every day. She likes her job in sales because there is never the same type of day. Vehanen has worked for seven years as a technical salesperson for Würth, where her responsibilities included car repair shops, metalworking and retail. She is a qualified car mechanic, although she has never worked a day in a job that corresponds to her training. However, her technical understanding and skills come from there and she has been involved in cars since childhood.

– I’ve never dealt with conveyor chains before, but once you know the principle, getting familiar with them has been natural.

After the first few weeks, working on the FB Ketju seems like a nice experience. She is interested in the international environment, traveling and meeting people. Ida says she has nice and helpful colleagues and has been received in a friendly way.

– When I came here, I felt like I’d been here forever. FB Ketju has a cosy atmosphere and I felt welcome.

Vehanen spends most of her free time with her two dwarf dachshund dogs and renovating her detached private house.