FB Ketju looks into the future and develops

FB Ketjutekniikka’s Procurement Manager Maarit Hakala enjoys working in procurement. It is a privilege to be a part of a company that produces high-quality conveyor chain solutions as Finnish handicraft using high-quality materials for several different industries in Finland and abroad.

Procurement Manager Maarit Hakala values the quality of the products that are produced at the Lappi factory and sold internationally as well as the high level of expertise of their makers.

In addition to high-quality products, Maarit Hakala values great and effortless supplier collaboration at work. The company’s various development projects bring the work community closer together and create even more cohesion. At work, success becomes tangible when the raw materials are sent to production cost-effectively and at the right time.

– It is important to me to see in practice how the raw materials and materials I procured are used to produce chains and chain parts that are then linked together. I have already made arrangements to get acquainted with production work with the production supervisor. It helps to concretize the feeling of success at work in practice, Hakala explains with a smile.

She is particularly excited about the fact that the chains that are produced at Lappi, Rauma, travel all over the world through FB Group’s European sales units.

– Making sales domestically as well as internationally is wonderful. Our entire chain is very driven, and the future looks bright. The wheels of development are in motion in many areas.

Heading towards new goals together with partner companies

Maarit Hakala is responsible for FB Ketju’s strategic and operative raw material and material procurement. The partner companies include global raw material suppliers as well as subcontractors of various sizes that offer parts manufacturing services in the metal industry.

– At work, I constantly monitor production needs. The multifaceted and versatile work consists of procurement tendering, supplier communication, managing contracts and developing supplier collaboration. I have many development projects on my desk, and we are constantly moving them forward.

The collaboration with the partners has been great and communication active.

– I am looking for supplier partners with whom the goal is long-term collaboration. Together we develop ways to achieve our common goals. It is important that I can also visit these companies because it is very eye-opening and gives a better understanding on how to operate with us.

The close-knit work community inspires

According to Maarit Hakala, FB Ketju has become a tight-knit work community. She praises her friendly and inspiring co-workers. Hakala works closely with production design, managers, and sales personnel.

In procurement, Maarit Hakala works closely with sales and production.

– I really enjoy my work and I have been received extremely well. It felt like I had come home. Our team works together for our common goals. FB Ketju’s excellent and functional ERP-system guides our basic functions. The company has invested in it and the entire work community operates according to it wonderfully.

To find balance outside of work, Maarit Hakala enjoys group exercise and unwinds by walking in the forest with her dog. Trips to the summer cottage also counterbalance work although there is always something to do at the cottage.

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