FB Ketju is a reliable partner for their customers

According to a recent customer satisfaction survey, FB Ketju is a reliable partner and a producer of high-quality chains. Customer-oriented approach and sustainable development are considered important values. The oldest customers have chosen FB Ketju as their partner for over a decade.

FB Ketju’s customers are committed to the reliable chain supplier. For over a third of the respondents, the longest customer relationships have lasted for over ten years. The overall level of customer satisfaction is on good level.

– Our customers think that we are a customer-oriented long-term partner and that our high-quality products and strong brand set us apart from competition. The responses indicate that FB Ketju cares strongly about sustainable development which is one of our values. High-quality solutions and being local are also considered important, explains Managing Director Mika Suomi.

86% of the respondents say that FB Ketju’s operations have improved in the past two years. According to the customers, customer-oriented approach in technical solutions and taking into account the customers’ needs are important. FB Ketju does not just sell iron, they sell solutions.

Quality comes first

The survey’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) was 39. The score indicates how likely it is that the customer would recommend FB Ketju’s services or products. NPS can vary between -100 and 100, which means that the score of 39 can be considered good. Over half of the respondents say they recommend FB Ketju.

– According to the survey, we can improve pricing and delivery times. We constantly focus on these factors so that we can serve our customers in the best possible way. For us, quality comes first, and the responses reflect this well.

The customer satisfaction survey was conducted in early 2023 and had 74 respondents which is 22 respondents more than in the previous survey, conducted approximately two years ago.

We would like to thank all respondents. We raffled a “blanket chain”, Marimekko’s Kaivo blanket, among the respondents. This time the blanket chain will be sent to Germany.

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