A well-designed chain creates additional value for the customer

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You might think that in chain manufacturing, the production stage alone determines the quality of the product. This, however, is not the case. The production process begins with careful product design. Information that serves as the base for the design is collected during the sales process. At this stage, the customer’s needs are determined on the basis of the intended use of the product. At its best, a well-designed chain can save a customer’s business.

Our work is very meticulous. We aim to prevent any potential future issues by collecting background information. If the designer does not catch the flaws in the initial stages, the work they do is pointless. Majority of the benefits the customer receives are created in the product design phase.

Know-how is included in the price

FB Ketju’s ever-growing database consists of 15,000 different solutions. In most cases, the customer wants a similar product with some alterations. After the background information is collected, a database search is conducted to identify any similar earlier products. If a matching product cannot be found, the design process starts from scratch.

Everything is considered in the design. We always look for better structural and material solutions. We can embrace our creativity during the design process and create the best possible product. In the best case, you can multiply the benefits the customer receives by simplifying the design.

Product designers workspace is a combination of an office and a workshop. The desks are covered in various chain parts and the shelves are filled with boxes of nuts, bearings, and material samples. Holding a part in hand offers much more than a bad drawing.

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We always prioritise the customer’s needs in product design. If we notice something that we could do differently, with better quality and profitability, we immediately suggest it to the customer. In the best case, the product is cheaper to produce but it has a higher technical quality. Our know-how is included in the design and production costs. This way we can provide high-quality services from the beginning to the end.

Every customer and order is important

The design process produces significant amounts of experience and documentation that can then be used for the benefit of the customer. Every solution has a product structure that serves as a complete spare part catalogue. Exact documentation makes customer service and product design easier.

FB Ketju Tuotesuunnittelu

We have gotten to know our customers well throughout the years. Suggesting improvements is easy. We also visit our customers. This way, we can see the products on-site and take product measurements that can be used to produce new products. The customer is always our number one priority. We have to make the products right to ensure that we can keep working together.

The collaboration between the experts at different FB locations is also particularly important. We work together well, and we appreciate the expertise of our colleagues. If you are uncertain about something, you can always ask for corroboration and support from your colleagues.

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