The Tammervoima waste-to-energy power plant counts on FB Ketju’s expertise

Tammervoima Oy transforms Tampere’s mixed waste into energy. To avoid unforeseen interruptions caused by chain breaks, they need durable and reliable conveyor chains to support the process. In addition, fast availability of parts is important to ensure a smooth process. FB Ketju was able to meet those needs.

Tammervoima Oy’s cooperation with FB Ketju kicked off at the end of last year, according to Tammervoima’s Maintenance Manager Ville Leskinen. 

“I got in contact with FB Ketju for the first time a year ago. My inquiry was related to an elevator conveyor whose chain had already broken twice during operation,” explains Leskinen. 

In the past, Tammervoima ordered original spare parts for their conveyors from Germany, but the delivery times were often quite long. But according to Leskinen, there were also some slight challenges in purchasing chains from Finland that needed to be resolved first. 

“We didn’t have any blueprints with which to make an order. I asked if FB Ketju could come and survey the area and compose some images, as well as make an offer for a chain. They came for a visit and performed the onsite measurement and based on that they then made us an offer. After that, we ordered a chain from them.”

Equipment suppliers often emphatically recommend using original parts, but according to Leskinen, materials that are suited for their purpose – and fit the right dimensions – serve just as well. 

Leskinen highlights FB Ketju’s expertise in conveyors as an added-value factor. He says he’s received support related to, among other things, the material choice for the chain guides. The choice of material for the guides can affect whether the chain or guide receives the wear. In many cases, the chain itself may be easier to replace. 

“The original part manufacturer may not be willing to change the part’s structure to fit the customer’s requirements. But FB Ketju has expertise in the different types of chain and their operating conditions, so they’re able to evaluate which chain is most suited to each use case.” 

Delivery time and reliability of parts improved

Now that the products are being sent from nearby, the reliability of deliveries has improved, and delivery times are often shorter. 

“It’s always good when you don’t need to wait for a huge amount of time. Ordering from abroad also raises logistical concerns about whether the products will even arrive at their destination. And of course, transportation has its own costs.” 

Most important, however, is that the products can withstand their intended use. If the chain breaks during operation, the entire process grinds to a halt, and production losses start to pile up quickly.  

“In the optimal situation, swapping the chain happens in a controlled and planned manner. We check the chain’s condition often and try to anticipate any breaks. This allows us to manage our resources and make changes during downtime.” 

The Tammervoima plant has been operating for approximately five years. According to Leskinen, some of the plant’s chains are still original and others will soon be due for a mandatory replacement. Not long ago, FB Ketju’s experts came to perform a new measurement survey and composed more images, from which additional offers are already being calculated.

“The replacement of the next set of chains is tentatively planned for next year’s annual maintenance. Our intention is to get the chains ready for maintenance in the near future. When the chains have been in operation for a while, it’s a good idea to get the replacement chains ready in the event of a sudden breakage. We monitor their condition regularly and assess the optimal replacement time as accurately as we can.” 

Maintenance Manager Leskinen says the cooperation has gone well. 

“Tammervoima doesn’t have a long history with FB Ketju yet, but so far the cooperation has proceeded smoothly. FB Ketju came to do a chain measurement survey, and thanks to that, we have a new order on the way.”