Nordautomation Oy praises cooperation with FB Ketju: ‘Exemplary’

Nordautomation Oy, established in 1991, offers top-quality technical solutions for mechanical wood processing. In their mission to manufacture lumber processing machines for demanding industrial needs, component quality is critical. Enter FB Ketju’s conveyor chain products — a key element in their equipment that’s proven high quality so far.

“We have three conveyor chain suppliers, of which FB Ketju is one. Our cooperation has been underway for about one and a half years now, and their chain deliveries have been exemplary,” says Kalevi Alanen, Technology Director at Nordautomation Oy.

FB Ketju primarily supplies the chain conveyor solutions necessary for the company’s lumber processing machines. According to Alanen, both their products and customer service operate smoothly.

“There haven’t been any problems since we began working together. We’ve always received the chains at the agreed delivery time — no quality issues either. FB Ketju’s customer service has been solid. Our staff has always been able to get them on the line when help is needed. There’s always a need for technical support from time to time, and our inquiries have been answered promptly and meticulously in those cases, too.”

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A chance to deepen the partnership

Ownership of Nordautomation Oy changed hands just over a year and a half ago, when then-CEO Pauli Ojala sold 80% of company shares to the Addtech Group.

“In practice, this means that we’re now part of the same Swedish conglomerate as FB Ketju,” says Alanen.

At the moment, Nordautomation further processes FB Ketju’s conveyor chains by welding on various attachment solutions, depending on the conveyor model.

“We could extend our cooperation on that front, for example,” Alanen says.

In any case, Alanen is a strong advocate for continued cooperation.

“Overall we’re very satisfied with FB Ketju as a supplier, and we’re eager to continue working with them in the future.”