MCM Timber values FB Ketju’s customer-oriented service

MCM Timber is a Hamina-based sawmill operating since 1997. A significant amount of its lumber goes to customers located overseas – that’s why it’s important that operations go smoothly and lumber is processed without interruption.

Since the beginning, MCM Timber has preferred Finnish chain suppliers – but turned to FB Ketju just two years ago, explains MCM Timber CEO Janne Kujala.

– During chain deliveries, we immediately found common ground. Through that, we developed a partnership.

According to Kujala, so far there haven’t been any challenges or issues to speak of.

– If you consider the entire chain use in our company, we’re still in the early stages with FB Ketju. But so far, we’ve been satisfied with both the products and the service.

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A flexible customer relationship and good products

According to Kujala, FB Ketju’s standardized products are high-quality and appropriately priced. However, he’s quick to point out that service is what has solidified their partnership. In FB Ketju’s case, this means human-centered customer service, where someone is always there to take your issue through to the end.

– It turns out there are still companies that will answer your questions. FB Ketju has helped us find the most qualitatively and technically appropriate products, every step of the way. It’s quite unusual to get such quick responses when asking for quotes, or when an issue comes up.

Kujala is quick to mention that with FB Ketju, there’s no need to waste time with chatbots or email autoresponders – you can always find a person to handle your requests.

But when it comes to good service, perhaps the most important consideration is reliability. For MCM Timber, chain deliveries need to arrive on time, again and again. So far, they haven’t been disappointed.

– Deliveries arrive on time and the product comes just as agreed. There haven’t been any delays in the schedule.

The partnership continues

CEO Janne Kujala says MCM Timber is very aware of what FB Ketju has to offer – and that the partnership will continue in the future.

– A good service level – combined with the ability and technical skill to take care of things and solve customer problems – means the customer will happily stick around.